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May Mom of the Month: Haley Warr

1. Hometown and where you currently live- home town- Ft. Worth, Texas and currently live in Poulsbo

2. Stroller Strides member since - the Grand opening.! I loved that day!

3.Education- BA in Speech Communications, M.B.A. In Service Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

4.Past/Current Career- Past: Director of Marketing for several Senior Living Communities,

Current: Level V Business Builder with Rodan + Fields

5. Childhood Ambition- personal- to run a marathon (and I have!), professional- to be a pediatric cardiologist (clearly didn't happen!)

6.Furthest you've been from home- studied for a semester in high school in London, England

7.What has Stroller Strides done for you?- LOVE the mommas and kiddos I meet! and keeps me centered in my busy life

8.Favorite Exercise- squats!

9. Three of your favorite things (besides family)- 1. the water (any kind except drinking it), 2. shoes, and 3. people

10. Your hobbies (besides Stroller Strides of course)- tennis, volunteering, decorating, attempting to bake

11. Favorite Movie or TV show- Dance Moms (brings back memories), Scandal and Dirty Dancing

12. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.- Hmmm...my first dance competition I ever competed in was judged by Jennifer Lopez while she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color. I was 9. She signed my jacket and took pictures with us.

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