Mom of the Month for December.....Jennivie!

1. Hometown and where you currently live: I am from San Diego, Ca and currently live in Silverdale, WA

2. Stroller Strides member since: February 2016

3.Past/Current Career

Past: I worked for Sephora as a Color and Fragrance Expert and Ulta as one of their Prestige Color Artist. I also Freelanced for Smashbox, Too Faced and Murad. Coming from Sunny San Diego I had an amazing time doing weddings and proms. After I had my twins I became a SAHM.

Current: After having my boys it was difficult to go back to work because daycare was so expensive. As a Makeup Artist I wanted to be out there making people feel beautiful about themselves. I discovered LuLaRoe and fell in love. I was able be a WAHM and still make women feel beautiful about themselves.

4. Childhood Ambition: I actually wanted to be in the medical field and become Physical Therapist or be a Neonatal.

5. Furthest you've been from home: My parents took us to the Philippines when I was 13 years old

6. Why did you decide to try out Stroller Strides? I've always loved working out and going to the gym but when my husband is deployed I wasn't able to go. I actually heard about Stroller Stride when Liz posted about it on a military group page. I saw that I was able to work out and bring my kids so it was a win, win!

7. What has Stroller Strides done for you? Stroller Strides has given me a community of amazing women who are going through similar things I am. I was new to the area so it was nice to meet other moms and get out of the house.

8. Favorite Exercise: Squats and deadlifts

9. Three (3) of your favorite things (besides family): Makeup, Food and and being around friends and family

10. Your hobbies (besides Stroller Strides of course): Hobbies??? lol well I love to cook and I am also a huge planner addict (when I have time). I have washies, pens and stickers galore lol

11. Favorite Movie or TV show: I love watching movies and shows so it's hard to pick just one.

12. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: hmm..I been on my own since I was 15, I started working at 16 and got my own Apartment at 17. I use to juggle 3 jobs at a time until I got really sick and had to drop down to 2 then 1.

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