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Mom of the Month for February....Erika!

1. Hometown and where you currently live

Born in Port Angeles, WA

Currently Live in Poulsbo, WA as of July 2016

2. Stroller Strides member since July of 2016


BA in History from University of Washington

4.Past/Current Career

Past: Professional Nanny, Personal Assistant and fundraising chair for well known rock band.

Current: Domestic engineer...and lab manager for scientific lab that does a lot of toxicology and taxonomy work.

5. Childhood Ambition: Travel the world

6. Furthest you've been from home

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, to raise awareness and money for Huntingtons Disease in 2009

7. Why did you decide to try out Stroller Strides?

My good friend Jessica M, was a member and she loved the community it provided along with great workouts.

8. What has Stroller Strides done for you?

It forces me to get out of the house most mornings and get a great workout in and Its enriched my life with some wonderful new friendships.

9. Favorite Exercise

Magdas barre class...and burpees of course!

10. Three (3) of your favorite things (besides family)

Travel, spas, and champagne

11. Your hobbies (besides Stroller Strides of course)

My husband and I have traveled the world separately and are looking forward to traveling again as a family when our daughter gets a little older. We love to camp, hike and I love knitting.

12. Favorite Movie or TV show

Love actually...I'm a big Christmas nut

13. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us

Ive eaten fried tarantula, grasshoppers and water bugs and they weren't that bad.

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