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Mom of the Month for May....Liz!

1. Hometown and where you currently live

I grew up in Anchorage, AK ("Alaska Grown") and currently live in Poulsbo.

2. Stroller Strides member since January 2016


BA of Anthropology from University of Hawaii Manoa (And a double minor in Sand Castle Design and The Perfect Tan - j/k!!)

4.Past/Current Career

Past: After graduating college, I was a bank mortgage loan officer for several years before going back to school full time to complete all my RN pre-requisites. Still dreaming of completing my RN (babies and military life make it difficult).

Current: Currently I'm studying to become a certified Lactation Consultant while taking care of my two girls, Clara & Margot, at home.

5. Childhood Ambition

I wanted to be a zoologist and rehabilitate and release wild animals.

6. Furthest you've been from home


7. Why did you decide to try out Stroller Strides?

My friend was a current member and she kept asking me to come try a class with her. It took me a few months to finally go to a class and I'm so glad I did!

8. What has Stroller Strides done for you?

Stroller Strides had allowed me to become more comfortable and proud of my own body and what it can accomplish (physical results are not instant, but my satisfaction at the end of class is). I can finally say that exercise is a part of my routine. Having babies is tough physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I find coming to class gives me the support and confidence to be a better mom and a better person. Plus all the women I meet are so wonderful. I'm truly thankful for this community.

9. Favorite Exercise

Potato pickers and prisoners (and if you don't know what those are, I put in a personal request for more of them! )

10. Three (3) of your favorite things (besides family)

1) Camping and being snuggled in a tent.

2) Any animal that is small and fuzzy. Bonus if I can hold them (I adore ferrets and squirrels)

3) I love watching sunsets when I travel

11. Your hobbies (besides Stroller Strides of course)

1) I read every night

2) Hiking to beautiful and quiet places

3) Cooking! (I just hate cleaning up my mess after I'm done)

12. Favorite Movie or TV show

I love anything on Masterpiece Theatre (I love historical/period dramas!)

13. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us

I got "island fever" when attending University of Hawaii and decided to take a semester off and go to a language school in Oaxaca, Mexico. I took Spanish classes for 10 weeks while living with a host family, then traveled the rest of the time for almost 6 months. When I got back to Hawaii, I tested out of all four semesters of the foreign language requirement for graduation. Best decision ever. I still can't believe my parents let their 20 year old daughter do that!!!!

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