My WHY to start FIT4MOM in Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo was a long time coming. I had been in a job that I liked and felt comfortable in, but did not feel fulfilled. Then, on Christmas morning in 2012, I got the best gift: our son Charlie. Having Charlie changed my world and my perspective. I couldn't imagine not being with him but I struggled emotionally and felt very lost, even when I was with other mothers. After I went back to work part-time, I felt lost and pulled in many directions. When I was at work, I thought about our son. When I was with our son, I was worried about work. Nothing felt right.

When my son was about 15 months old and I had just recently found out I was pregnant with baby number two, I found out about FIT4MOM. I just happened to be sitting next to the owner of the FIT4MOM in my then neighborhood and she told me about an anniversary event the following week. I had the day off from work so I figured why not?

I was hooked. Even though I didn't know anyone, the other moms talked to me. They cheered me on. They played with my son when he was getting fussy in the stroller. The workout was hard but more importantly, it was fun. I realized that I had found my village! I then went to classes every day I could until a couple weeks before the birth of our second son, Sawyer, in November of 2014.

When my family decided to move to Kitsap County, I was worried....who would be my village? And then it hit me, I could bring the village I loved to Kitsap County! I could show the other mothers of Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and the surrounding areas what makes FIT4MOM so special.

One of the missions of FIT4MOM is to lift women up, and to make sure we do not lose ourselves in the transition of motherhood. The moment our first child comes in to this world, everything changes. Our relationship, our social life, our career, our body, our home, our routine, all become different in a blink of an eye, and we welcome that transition with joy in our hearts. The problem is when we fail to find ourselves again, when we fail to remember who we were before this baby, before this relationship, before this job.

FIT4MOM stands for empowering women to make themselves a priority. Our mission is to help women recognize their value and importance and to encourage them to take care of their needs first. Us moms have made selfish a dirty word. It has sadly become accepted that we as moms give everything of ourselves until we have nothing left. We fail to realize that without making ourselves a priority, we have nothing left to offer the ones we love the most. What would this world look like if we all practiced self-love? What if we modeled that self-love for our children, and raised them to believe that knowing, loving and nurturing who YOU are first, is the biggest gift we can give to this world?

FIT4MOM is more than just fitness programs. It is not about getting back into skinny jeans (even though that does happen!). It stands for reminding women what a huge and valuable role they play in the world. FIT4MOM stands for creating a culture where women feed their spirit, respect and value their own needs as much as those of their families. FIT4MOM is about building women up so that they share this culture of health, wellness and self-love with the world around them until this is the new norm.

FIT4MOM has been life changing for me and my family. I am so excited to share all the great aspects of FIT4MOM village with this new community that I plan to raise my children in.

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