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Lindsey Carlson


Lindsey is a Body Back instructor!

Mama to Amelia (5/2016).

Lindsey's Why: "My FIT4MOM why is all the lovely ladies I have met and continue meeting. I started with Stroller Strides and distinctly remember meeting Karie Morton on my first day, welcoming me to my first class. I remember how isolated motherhood felt for me and the daunting task of returning to work. Body Back (and Magda) saw me through it. I met boss-mamas who not only balance work and life but also children and families. Their continued brilliance and strength are my inspiration. Body Back is community of amazing women that come together two days a week to push themselves to transformation: mentally, physically, and socially. I simply love that. It makes motherhood less lonely. In the words of so many award shows: “I have so many people to thank for this awesome blessing...and not enough time.” Won’t you join us?"

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