Stephanie West


Stephanie teaches Stroller Strides and is certified in Fit4Baby too.

Mom to William (5/2012) and Audrey (2/2014).

Stephanie's Why: "I joined Stroller Strides when my oldest was 4 months old. I was suffering from crippling postpartum anxiety and knew that I needed to find a reason to get our of the house. I remember going to my first few classes and being amazed that no one batted an eye when my child started to cry. In fact, the instructor pushed him around so I could continue exercising! The consistent exercise paired with a community of moms who were supportive and kind helped me get to a better place, both physically and emotionally.

Four years later, I left my FIT4MOM village in CT and found one here in WA! When Magda asked me to become an instructor and help open our new Silverdale location, I jumped at the opportunity to step up and support other moms the way that I was supported. I love teaching classes! I enjoy pushing moms physically, encouraging laughter throughout our workouts, and fostering life-long friendships at our gatherings outside of class.

Perhaps the most important thing that I try to instill in my classes and beyond is that moms need to put themselves first. When we take care of ourselves we are better at taking care of those around us. Take that hour workout for yourself, go out with your friends, take a nap, have someone else cook dinner, and ask for help if you need it! You’ve got a village of fantastic moms here who’ve got your back!"

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