August Mom of the Month-Jessica Tautfest

Tell us about yourself and your family.

My name is Jessica Tautfest and I’m Mexican-American. I come from a small border town in Southern California that is known for the highest illiteracy rate and unemployment rate in the country. What my hometown lacks in glamour, it makes up in the power of community. Family is everything and everyone is willing to help out their neighbor. My husband is in the Navy and that is what led us here to the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been married for almost 5 years and have been together almost 10 years. Our only kids (for now) are two fur babies, an American Eskimo and a Pug. They definitely believe they are people too.

You're a working mom, tell us about your profession, what do you love about your job?

My passion has always been to help others and this ultimately lead me to teaching. What I love most about teaching is the confidence I see in students when they finally achieve a skill or master a topic. Changing their mindset about what they can do is very rewarding.

Why did you join FIT4MOM Kitsap’s FIT4BABY class? Why do you love it?

Before getting pregnant I had worked hard to lose around 20 lbs. I knew I wanted to keep in shape and be healthy during my pregnancy so I joined FIT4MOM Kitsap’s FIT4BABY class. I love it because it allowed me to interact with other moms who understand what I’m going through while getting an awesome workout!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining?

What I would tell someone thinking about joining is go for it! It’s hard to make yourself accountable (even when you aren’t pregnant) and this class helps!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

In 5 years I see myself teaching full time and taking care of my family. I don’t intend to have a second child but am open to more fur babies. If I didn’t have any obstacles my dream would be to teach at the college level.

What is your favorite pregnancy related purchase?

A pregnancy purchase that I have a love-hate relationship with is my C-shaped body pillow. Sometimes it feels like a cloud and helps to soothe my aching self to sleep. Other times I find myself fighting it off in the night.

What are you looking forward to with baby?

What I am looking forward to most with my little boy is starting new and continuing old traditions for all of the upcoming holidays.

Any words of wisdom for expecting mamas?

Some words of wisdom for expecting mamas is take all the advice people are willing to give you knowing they are only trying to be helpful. Everyone has a different pregnancy so not everything is going to happen the way you expect and that’ll be okay.

What have you been craving? Or any aversions?

I haven’t had any strong enough or consistent enough craving to narrow it down but my aversion has been roast beef. Very specific but I can’t even stand the thought of it!

What are your 3 favorite things.

My three favorite things are my family: Tony, Shenzi, and Puggy.

Tell us something that might surprise us!

I don’t know how to snap my fingers or whistle.