February Mom of the Month-Rachael Lokkins!

Tell us about yourself and your family: My family includes me, my husband keith, 1.5 year old daughter Isla, baby girl on the way and our yellow lab Maci. Keith and I both grew up in WA and started dating in college at WSU. After college he joined the navy and was stationed here. We then moved to Hawaii for a few years and now are back!

What surprised you the most about becoming a mom? What surprised me most about becoming a mom was how lonely it was! Most of my friends didn’t have kids yet and were working full time so I found myself getting bored and lonely often.

Why did you join FIT4MOM Kitsap? Why do you love it? I joined fit4mom as a way to make friends in similar stages of life as I was. I love it because it gives me that sense of community that I feel like I’ve been missing since taking time off from teaching.

What would you tell someone about joining? I would tell someone who was thinking about joining to go for it! It’s a good way to make friends and you know that you always have something to get out of the house and go do each morning.

What is your favorite exercise at class? My favorite exercise at class is anything with the resistance bands.

Any words of wisdom for other moms? I’m no expert, but my best “words of wisdom” would be to know that whenever you are in a rut or hard time with your kid(s) to just know that it won’t last forever. Also, make a point to get out of the house every day and do something. Even if it’s just going to the coffee drive through and getting a car wash. A change of scenery makes all the difference even on the hardest days.

What is your favorite piece of baby gear? My favorite piece of baby gear is probably our activity center. It’s like an exersaucer but converts to a table so we’ve been able to use it much longer! Isla loved playing in it when she was an infant and still loves playing with it as a toddler.

What are your 3 favorite things? My 3 favorite things are my family, coffee and bravo tv

If you could win a gold medal for one "mom" activity, what would it be for? My mom activity Olympic sport would be picking out bows to match any or Isla’s outfits.

What is something that might surprise us? Something that might surprise you is I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher before I became a mom! I plan on going back once our kids are in school