March Mom of the Month-Kelsi Van Fleet

Meet our March Mom of the Month-Kelsi Van Fleet!

Tell us about yourself and your family. - First, my husband, Jake, and I have a wonderful kid named Hudson and he is truly the love of our lives! He is 9 month old!! - Second, Jake, and I have been together for 10+ years! We are high school sweethearts! We both went to the University of Texas and he now is a family resident at Harrison and I’m the CFO of a small oil and gas company in Texas. I was Texas bred, but Jake lived his first year and a half in Bremerton (hence why we are here) and was delivered by one of the resident physicians - the almost of 6 degrees of separation we have encountered is unreal! - Third, we have two fur kids. Tank is a 12 year old, yorkie! Piper is a 4 year old, tabby cat! They have been so amazing with Hudson!!

What surprised you the most once you became a mom? Sleep. I didn’t know I wouldn’t miss/need it as much as I thought I would. I have always been a lover of sleep and naps, but I have surprisingly been ok without it!

Why did you join FIT4MOM? Why do you love it? I joined Fit4Mom to gain my confidence back in my strength and body. Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and after birth you need all the strength you can get. I wanted a place that I could take along my baby and get a good workout; Fit4Mom has been so much more than that. I never imagined making so many mom bonds and learning so much for each one of them. I’ve also learned so much about my pelvic floor that I wouldn’t have never thought possible! I’m so grateful for Fit4Mom!!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining? Just do it! It may be scary but so is motherhood and we all need a friend! And trust me, you will find your friend mom without the awkward “mom dating”

What is your favorite exercise at class? I am a huge fan of squats. Though that is why Hudson loves being “rocked” in a squatting position...so not sure it is for everyone!

Any words of wisdom for other moms? You are amazing and doing a great job! Even on your worst day, that kid loves you more than you know and will make you smile!

What is your favorite go to piece of baby/kid gear? Baby carrier!! It has been a life saver at the grocery store, shopping, airport, Fit4Mom and even hiking!! I don’t travel without it!

What are your 3 favorite things? Tex-Mex, Wine, Chocolate milkshakes (I might have a food/drink problem)

If you could turn a "mom" activity into an Olympic Sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for? Rubbing lotion on a baby....drum roll without crying!!! He used to cry all the time but he has such sensitive skin! Now mom and son are both happy!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us! I love sweets (not surprising), but I’ve eaten a 3 pound bag of life saver mints in one night and a different night a whole bag of smarties. My parent were in on my addiction too - before every soccer game I had a large ice water from Sonic and sour punch straws from the connivence store. I still love some candy!